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parts for Hofner guitars, custom scratch plates, treble booster

Updated 2019 loads more vintage parts added



All types of guitar/bass pick ups rewound, I rewind all
types of Hofner pick ups. Also I have winding facilities for 'air'
coils and chokes. I also have replacement magnets if yours need
replacing. I do not pot vintage pick ups as standard as if they are
unpotted, they do have certain acoustic properties.
Potting is available if required.

Prices start from: Single coils = 38.00 GBP each
'Air' coils are slightly more depending on application of coil
Humbuckers = 48.00 GBP each

I carry all gauges of wire.

We have repaired pick ups that are fitted on Avon, John Birch,
Burns, Broadwat, De Armond, Di Mazio, Egmond, Eko, Fender,
Fenton Weill, Futurama, Fuma, Gibson, Guild, Gretsch,
Guyatone, Harmony, Hofner, Kay, Otwin, Rickenbacker,
Shaftsbury, Slivertone, Teisco, Vox, Watkins, Westone, Wilson,
Wem, Zenta

Burford FX for fuzzbox, booster pedals, treble boosters ALL ENQUIRIES EMAIL: enquiries@projectguitarparts.co.uk

or telephone Alan on 07762 474964 between 10 am and 3 pm Monday to Friday

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